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Luxurious Body Lotions & Natural Soaps from Dodge City, Kansas

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Natural Soaps

Our company is leading the organic body product charge. The full line of natural and homemade soaps in our collection will keep you clean without the worry of skin-irritating chemicals.

Lotions & Balms

Everyone loves nice body lotions and healing lip balms. We offer a great selection of natural lotions that will help you maintain healthy skin and a glow throughout the year.

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Our Story

Bare Necessities Soap in Dodge City, Kansas, provides a full selection of natural soaps, lip balms, and fragrant body lotions. In business for more than 5 years, we are a leading provider of all-natural soap products. We use our own products in our homes, so we promise that they are of a very high quality.

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Contact us in Dodge City, Kansas, to find out more about our collection of fragrant body lotions and how you can order as much as you like.

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